Escrito por Maturebi399

27 sept. 2016

I'd been chatting to a guy on another site for a while but we could never seem to get together for one reason or

Another.then his wife went back to England for a month so we could meet at his .we made a day and the day before I was so excited and looking forward to it.on the morning of the meet I got a message and I thought oh god he is going to cancel! But the message was to say another guy was coming a cd . I got really horny as I showered and cleaned myself . I arrived at his place and he opened the door in knickers stockings and he closed the door we kissed and embraced passionately.we went into the lounge and the other guy was ther looking so sexy he was 29 and fit

I kissed him as well and put my hand up his skirt as my friend went behind him and kissed his neck

We were all so horny we went to the bedroom and my clothes were off in a flash we lay on the bed kissing and

Caressing each other.i felt someone suck my cock and I returned the favour we were lost in an orgy of sucking licking and fucking it was so horny I can't remember a sexier time in my life