18 jul. 2017

I recently had an amazing time and thought I would share. I am a single male living in Spain and met a couple from the UK on the UK version of SH. (If you are reading you can maybe verify.) We exchanged some messages and emails and they informed me they would be visiting Spain and would be interested in meeting up for an initial coffee / drink and a chat and see where it might lead.

We met up two weeks later and although initially we were all very nervous, after a couple of drinks we were all soon relaxed. Both were around the same age as myself and very respectable people. Sharon the female (name changed to protect identity) was a very sexy petit girl with a very sexy body, lovely pert breasts, sexy legs and an infectious smile and sparkling eyes and blonde hair. Mark the hubby (name changed) explained he was straight and that they had both fantasised about having another male join them in an attempt to satisfy Sharon's sexual needs. So our chat went very well and after the planned hour, I made it clear that I was interested, but understood they would want to discuss and would await their call or text message letting me know if they wished to go further. I then made my excuses and left. I walked home and wondered if I would ever hear from them again.

Later that afternoon I got a text message from Mark saying they enjoyed my company and would I be willing to return later for some fun. I replied saying I would love to and we arranged to meet at their hotel reception that evening.

Mark met me alone at the reception and we proceeded to go for a drink into the hotel bar. Mark explained that Sharon was in the room having a shower and we would go up once we had finished our drink. I asked him if he was ok about me playing with his wife and he confirmed that he was very much so and loved seeing her happy and fulfilled, which is something he felt he had been unable to do for some time. He explained that she was a cock hungry female and was convinced she was a nymphomaniac and by adding an extra male it might help. We soon finished our drink and made our way to the lift.

On reaching the room Mark opened the door and we entered and the room was in darkness and I wondered if Sharon was actually there. Mark turned on the small hall light and what met my eyes I will never forget. Sharon was lying back on the bed in a black nightdress and was playing with her beautifully shaven pussy. I was stuck for words, but think I managed a 'mmmm nice' ...... Mark said to me to ... "feel free to get in there" lol. I immediately went down on the bed and buried my face in Sharons pussy. She smelled and tasted amazing and she was already very very wet. Soon all three of us were naked and Sharon was the centre of attention. We sucked and fucked her all over the room and gave her as good a time as we could. We spit roasted her and gave her loads of orgasms, and although she enjoyed, she just never seemed totally satisfied, even although both us guys had gave it our all and in need of a rest lol. After a few hours and having cum twice, once in her pussy and another in her mouth, I thanked them both and made my excuses and left. But prior to doing so I let them know I was available at short notice if my services were required during their holiday.

I did not have to wait long. As I was walking home I received a text asking if I could visit their room next day. I of course replied saying I would be delighted and from then on over the next five or six days I received a text message every day, and twice on one day, letting me know what time Sharon wanted my cock. Sometimes Sharon was alone. Sometimes she was with Mark. Sometimes Mark joined in and sometimes he was happy to watch. But basically I was an on call cock supplier and Sharon just could not get enough. What a girl, she was always wet and wanting and worshiped my cock and you could see the pleasure on her face as she licked, sucked and fucked and I was more than happy to supply.

Sharon and Mark, if you are reading this thank you to a brilliant couple for an incredible sexual adventure for us all. Sharon, what an amazing sexy girl you are. I still regularly wank thinking of the fun we had. Mark, you are the luckiest guy alive and thank you for sharing your incredibly sexy wife. I very much look forward to your next visit.