13 jul. 2017

I met the guy here on Swinging Heaven Spain, and we had already had a bit of a fumble - you know, just mutual wanking . That was fun, but now his wife was back in the UK, so we had his place all to ourselves. I was really looking forward to this, because we had exchanged a ton of messages - and we'd agreed that he was going to take my anal virginity.

When I arrived, he came to the gate to let me in - completely naked. I haven't mentioned his cock yet. It's stunning! I have never seen one so thick before. Don't get me wrong, it's not short (I'm 8", and he's not far short of that) but it is beautifully thick. I can only just get my hand round it when it's hard.

So, we go inside, and I'm naked in seconds. We stand there holding each other's cocks, and I can feel his throbbing nicely. We go into another room, where there is a mattress on the floor. There is also a dildo and a bottle of lube on the sideboard. I lay on my back, and he gets the didlo and lubes it up. Then, he lifts my leg, and the didlo slides in nicely. A little bit of back and forth, and I can't wait to feel his massive girth inside me. He pulls out the dildo, and rolls me over. I'm on my front, and I eagerly spread my legs and reach behind me to hold my arse cheeks open for him. I don't know why (I'm a virgin after all) but he can't get it in. I turn on my side and draw up my knees - still no good, so I kneel with my arse in the air.

Now, he says he's starting to lose the erection. He stands up, and I stay on my knees to turn round and take his gorgeous cock in my mouth - not for long though. He starts to wank himself, faster and faster, and suddenly I'm feeling luscious warm wetness on my face as he sprays his load all over me - thankfully at least half of it going in my mouth. Delicious. Finally, I stand and he kneels to finish me off with his willing mouth.

I had a truly great time - but I'm still a virgin. Hopefully his wife will be going back to the UK again soon!