27 may. 2019

I met a new man. He gave me his Whatsapp, and we exchanged messages and pictures. He told me he was into kissing big time - but I had never kissed a man before. I've been into sucking cock since I was about 13 years old - but never did anything else.

So, I was an anal virgin, and never had an affectionate session with a man - and didn't really fancy it. But, I hadn't sucked a cock for ages - so I thought, "I'll put up with it for a mouthful of cum."

I couldn't have been more wrong. We arrived at his apartment, and as soon as we walked in the door he was fondling my cock (me still in my jeans.) I reached forward, undid his jeans, dropped them to the floor, and fondled his cock - which was already stiffening nicely. He undid my jeans, and we stood there with our two stiff cocks side by side, stroking them gently.

He was looking at me in that way. I said, "I've never kissed a man before." He said nothing - just put his hand behind my head, pulled me towards him, and gave me an intense, passionate snog.


Fucking wonderful. I have never been so turned on in my life.

After a while, I slid down his body, and gave him a nice cock suck. Then, he asked me for something else I'd never done. So, I said, "Kneel on the sofa." He did. I knelt down, suck my tongue up his gorgeous arse, and stroked his hanging cock. (Google "Rusty Trombone" to see what that's about!)

Back to some really sexy snogging. (I am truly a convert!)

Then, we went into the bathroom. In the bath, I knelt down, gazing at his beautiful cock, and waited. Took a few seconds, but then he began to stream. I loved the feeling of his warm sexy piss splashing all over my face, and running down my chin. When he finished pissing, we got the shower started, and washed each other.

I really loved soaping his cock and balls, and running my soapy hands all over his sexy arse, chest and back.

Then he said, "Turn round and bend over!"

Right there and then, in the shower, I lost my anal virginity. That feels fucking great! Can't wait to do it again.

After a while, he pulled out, and I washed him some more.

Suddenly, he said, "I'm going to cum!"

No hesitation - this is my thing. Dropped to my knees, and sucked every last drop of spunk out of his rigid cock.

I always thought I was Bisexual. I am now not sure whether I'm gay. He's back in June - maybe I'll find out.

What I do know is, I really like a good snog. And a rigid cock up my arse. And a mouthful of warm salty spunk. And a faceful of warm piss.