Hecho real
29 mar. 2017

I am 60 and for a mature man and this could be a problem at a swinging club. I usually go to the Papua Club in Alicante city on a Monday evening. For me this is definitely the best evening to go on because on Mondays I can finish work earlier and also there are quite a lot of Spanish couples of all ages that go there for fun. I am a Brit who has lived and worked in Spain for over 20 years and I began swinging here with my ex-wife who is Spanish and who introduced me to it. Lately I have been going more as a voyeur than for any real sexual encounter. Not that I mind, as that can be exciting as well.

Anyway, last month I went along to Papua with my friend Ed. We hadn’t see each other for a while and we were quietly chatting at the bar after enjoying a dip in the Jacuzzi and having a look round to see who was in the club, when a Spanish couple we had never met before turned up. They were both in their mid-forties. Jesus was a normal kind of person, on the rather corpulent side, and Josefina; a real stunner, blonde, curvy, great natural tits and with a very cheeky smile. She was dressed in a black leather mini dress with black hold up stockings and high heels and no panties. She kept flashing her shaven pussy and as the gin and tonic took hold she started to touch herself and then after the fingering started to masturbate while still talking to us. From the outset it was obvious that she wanted fun and games. Although there were several other couples and single men in the club, it was obvious she liked us and started up a conversation while her partner went off to explore. She asked us what we had under our towels and then asked whether she could touch. We sidled over and she started to wank us to an erection. Her guy returned and they disappeared to the locker room to get undressed.

When they returned, dressed only in towels, they invited Ed and myself to join them in the hot Jacuzzi. We didn’t need to be asked twice and we duly scampered off behind them. As we got into the hot tub we were greeted by a great scene. Another couple, Carmen and Paco were already involved and greeted our new friends, Jesus and Josefina; kissing, fondling and masturbating one another followed. We moved over and soon we were a mass of cavorting bodies rolling around in the bubbles. I was given an incredible blow job by Carmen and had to stop her as I was on the point of coming. By this time Jesus had taken Josefina from behind and she was blowing Ed. What a sight! Several single males and some couple had come over to watch the fun. In the end we left the Jacuzzi to return to the bar for some drinks.

The girls started to dance and then came over and started to get very touchy feely and they were freely being touched up and fondled by one and all. Several of the girls were openly being fucked in the bar area and one girl, I think she was Belgian, was being anally fucked from behind while sitting on a bar stool and being cheered on by the others. After some time had passed someone suggested going to the large tatami to have more fun. What a night, we sucked and fucked for two solid hours and were joined by a single girl and two young Spanish studs in what could only be described as a full blown orgy. The male partners bare-backed but we wore condoms that were plentiful. The smell of horny female and sex reeked and in the end we were exhausted.

To cut a long story short, I retuned on my own to Papua last Monday and lo and behold Josefina and Jesus were there again. This time she looked stunning in a latex zipped bodysuit with half cups so her beautiful natural tits with big nipples were on display. We made our acquaintance again with two kisses in the Spanish style, with her grabbing my cock through my trousers and saying, “I want that in me again”. Off we went to the Jacuzzi to warm up and then we went to the tatami together leaving Jesus at the bar. After giving me a heavenly blow job and nearly sucking my rampant cock off, Josefina asked me if I didn’t mind fucking her bareback and coming inside her as her partner loved sloppy seconds. I obliged, something I don’t usually do, but this time I felt that it was really something special. I took her from behind and for some time I was pumping away when I felt a hand squeezing my balls from behind. I turned around and it was Sarah, a British girl who comes to the club with her boyfriend, who was nowhere to be seen. She asked whether she could join in. Sarah is a gorgeous slim brunette in her late twenties and I knew that she liked girly fun. I flipped Josefina over and Sarah began to kiss her passionately while I penetrated Josefina’s well used cunt again; my, my was she wet! Then Sarah sat on her face so that Josefina could eat her neat little pussy.

By this time the moans and cried of pleasure had attracted more people into the room and viewing the scene turned to a fucking frenzy. In the end I couldn’t hold back any longer and felt my ejaculation rise and fill Josefina with my cum. I withdrew and was immediately replaced by a young Spanish guy with an impressive sized cock who drove into Josefina and energetically stated to pound her while she came again with a howl. Sarah came round and stated to clean me up with her mouth and once I was hard again told me to fuck her while she was licking out another girl’s pussy. Unfortunately, my stamina at 60 years is not as good as it was and I could keep up with the pace and decided to sit in a corner and watch the goings on. The amazing fucking and sexual activity went on for at least an hour more and in the end we all took a communal shower to clean ourselves off and return to the bar for a chat.

What an evening! I would thoroughly recommend Papua Club in Alicante. It’s a cosy place with great clean facilities and everyone is made very welcome. I cannot say that my experiences happen every evening but from my experience Mondays, Thursdays and weekends are well worth a visit. Unfortunately not everyone speaks English but why anyway if you have your mouthful of cock or pussy……