Escrito por P and M

Hecho real
19 jul. 2017

Recently, my partner and I went to Amsterdam for a few days, with the intention of going to the B1 porno cinema, but never quite made it!

We wee staying at the Dutch Design Hotel, and one afternoon I found there was a lake nearby that we could go to, planning to sunbathe. We walked down and as we arrived there were signs saying it was a legal cruising zone, and we both got a little excited! As we walked through the woods to the beach, we saw a man completely naked walking around! But we carried on to the edge of the lake and found a quiet spot, with a few people scattered around.

M took her top off, and revealed her beautiful tits, and that turned me on straight away. She lay down, and I caressed her legs, and with a few murmurings of delight I got got closer and closer to her pussy.

I was rubbing the outside of her bikini bottoms, and eventually made her come, with a few people oblivious to what we were doing!

Well I was horny, and after an hour or so, it was time to go back to the hotel. I told m to just wear her bikini top and no knickers, which she did. As we walked back we were looking for somewhere to fuck, and I soon dragged her into a bush, bent her over, and fucked her for a minute or so until we were disturbed by a family walking by!

We headed back again, but had to go through the cruising area. As we walked there wee about a dozen men just walking around, and it was a little scary, but also exciting!

We walked, and heading towards us was a boy of about 18, but thought nothing of it. It was a like a maze to get out, and we took a few wrong turns, and had to double back. We then saw the boy again, he had his hand in his joggers rubbing his cock as he walked passed us.

We carried on, and I really needed sex. I suddenly said to M, suck my cock, she thought I was joking, but I got my cock out, and she instantly fell to her knees, sucking hard. I could then see through the bushes that the boy was returning, I told M and she wanted to get up, but I held her head and made her suck on my cock.

As he came into view, he saw what we were doing, and stood and watched. It was too much for me, and I came instantly in M's mouth, filling her with come!

I pulled my cock out, put it away, and we both left rather quickly!

It turned us on so much, that we talked about it for days, and a re now looking forward to some more adventures.