Hecho real
19 sept. 2016

Well I may as well be the first with a story, a true story on here. We have a holiday home in La Marina and were visiting earlier in the year, March 2016. We tend not to get out much to enjoy the swinging lifestyle these days and the Mrs is rarely that interested when we are on holiday for some odd reason lol. Anyway on our last visit a guy contacted me though another site saying he was in the area also on holiday and wanted to meet. He was married but his wife had gone off sex and he was almost begging to fuck my mrs lol. I told him it was extremely unlikely but we often go up to our local pub,the hogs head on the urb and if he could spot us you never know lol. As luck or not would have it that night there was only one couple there, us so we were easy to spot. About 9pm this guy in his late 50s/early 60s asked if he could join us for a chat. He told us that he really liked it in Spain and a general chat about his life including his domestic situation, he loved his wife but desperately needed sex. He said almost apologetically that his phone suggested that a couple was nearby who indulged in the swinging lifestyle and although he hated to ask, as we were the only couple there was it us lol. By this time my mrs was a little tipsie from the drinks and looked at me with embarrassment and a little annoyance with me lol. Anyway the cat was out of the bag so I said yes that was us but we don’t really do it when away, and much less these days anyway. He quite openly said that he would just so love to just touch my Mrs or perhaps just look at her bottom, anything really. We continued having a drink and he kept returning to his thoughts lol. Eventually my mrs looked at me and whispered that she would let him touch her but she wanted to do it discreetly. I told him that we were going home and he could follow us. We arrived home and we had all the lights out, we kissed a little and he came in immediately touching her arse. He quickly turned his attention to fingering her very wet pussy to which she replied by pulling his throbbing hard cock out. She finished kissing me and started sucking his cock. Within a few minutes he said that he was going to cum soon, she looked up and said not yet. She bent over the sofa and I shoved my cock deep inside her wet hole almost cumming immediately myself after watching her performance. The guy put a condom on and I moved aside allowing him access to her willing pussy. He fucked her hard for a few minutes before pulling out and shooting his load all over her back, there was gallons of the stuff lol